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MySQL 8.0 and beyond: Lifecycle Support

MySQL database lifecycle support

MySQL has long been the number two database in the world!  Initially MySQL started as one of the first open source databases that the world used as an alternative to Oracle and Microsoft’s SQL Server, so much so that sometime in 2009 Oracle purchased the Sun Microsystems which was the parent company for MySQL.  Throughout the years, MySQL has been a side play for the Oracle sales teams and many organizations overlooked MySQL; until recently.  

Back in 2018, Oracle announces the latest revision of MySQL with the release of MySQL 8.0.  Since that time, Oracle and the MySQL team has made constant improvments to MySQL through incremental released.  Recently, the MySQL team has release 8.0.33.  Although this post is not intended to be a feature release, knowing that the MySQL team at Oracle is consistantly improving on MySQL is huge.  

With the consistent improvements to MySQL, Oracle has started to release its support lifecycle for this product.  

The long term release of MySQL 8.0 (8.0.33), there is a few dates that need to be kept in mind:

  • Premier Support (PS) ends on 01 April 2025
  • Extended Support (ES) ends on 01 April 2026
  • Sustaining Support (SS) will not be available after 01 April 2026

These dates can be seen in the chart below as well.


mysql end of life supprot


All this becomes important due to the fact that many organizations who are running MySQL are either running the MySQL 5.7 Community Edition  or MySQL 5.7 Enterprise Edition.  Both of which will be ending Extended Support in October of 2023, leaving companies with a decision on where to go next with their MySQL implementation.  

Where we can help?

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