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Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Autonomous Services

Autonomy is shaping the future, revolutionizing industries like transportation, manufacturing, customer management, healthcare, and computing. Oracle’s groundbreaking Autonomous Database redefines organizational IT operations through automation. RheoData specializes in helping public and private enterprises leverage this cutting-edge technology to seamlessly optimize and streamline their operations.


    The Oracle Autonomous Database is a cutting-edge, fully automated service that empowers organizations to effortlessly develop and deploy application workloads of any complexity, scale, or criticality. This service’s unified engine supports a vast array of data types, streamlining the entire application development and deployment process. From data modeling and coding to ETL, database optimization, and data analysis, every step is simplified.

    Leveraging the power of machine learning-driven automated tuning, scaling, and patching, the Oracle Autonomous Database ensures optimal performance, availability, and security for a wide range of workloads including OLTP, analytics, batch processing, and Internet of Things (IoT) applications. Powered by Oracle Database and Oracle Exadata, the Autonomous Database is available on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) for both serverless and dedicated deployments. Additionally, it can be deployed on-premises through Oracle Exadata Cloud@Customer and OCI Dedicated Region.

    Experience the future of database management with the Oracle Autonomous Database, where automation seamlessly drives efficiency and productivity, enabling organizations to focus on innovation and growth.

    Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse (ADW)

    Data plays a crucial role as a catalyst for growth in modern organizations. It serves as the foundation for strategic decision-making and innovation. However, the significance of data hinges on its security. Without proper safeguards, data can quickly transition from being an invaluable asset to a potential liability.

    That’s where the Autonomous Database Warehouse comes into play. It is not just a powerful database solution, but also a fortress for your data. One of its remarkable features is its robust emphasis on security. Every connection to the Autonomous Data Warehouse is fortified with certificate-based authentication and Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption. These advanced security measures ensure that unauthorized access is thwarted, guaranteeing uninterrupted and unaltered communication between the client and the database.

    By leveraging the Autonomous Database Warehouse, organizations can confidently safeguard their valuable data assets while empowering their teams to unlock actionable insights and drive growth with peace of mind.

    Key Features

    • Autonomous Management: Simplify manual and complex tasks, reducing costs, time, and potential errors.
    • Top Performance: Continuously monitor all system aspects for optimal efficiency, automatically adjusting based on workloads, query types, and user volume.
    • Big Data Enablement: Accelerate analytics and extraction of valuable insights.
    • Instant Elasticity: Scale compute and storage shapes independently, ensuring uninterrupted operations.
    • Enterprise-Grade Security: Default data encryption, both in transit and at rest, along with self-upgrades of security patches for enhanced protection.

    Autonomous Transaction Processing (ATP)

    Oracle Autonomous Database for Online Transaction Processing (OLTP) is an unparalleled cloud service that revolutionizes data management using cutting-edge machine learning technology. It enhances efficiency, freeing up IT resources from mundane maintenance tasks and fostering innovation. With Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing, you can consolidate all your Oracle databases into a unified, cloud-based system, providing a dependable and cost-effective platform for OLTP, analytics, and mixed workloads.

    When it comes to reliable transaction processing, three key factors are essential: availability, scalability, and security. Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing delivers comprehensive automation for provisioning and managing high-performance infrastructure with Exadata. It offers seamless scalability with Real Application Clusters and ensures uninterrupted service through online patching for both security and maintenance via rolling upgrades.

    Key Features

    • Autonomous operations encompass automated provisioning, scaling, tuning, backups, repairs, and failover mechanisms. This comprehensive approach ensures seamless functionality, enhanced efficiency, and robustness in system management.
    • Accelerate application development with Oracle APEX, offering robust support for relational and non-relational data models, modern REST API for seamless integration, and intuitive no-code/low-code app development. Experience the power of rapid development without compromising on quality or efficiency.
    • Effortlessly spawn rapid clones of the complete database or just the metadata to swiftly kickstart fresh projects with ease.
    • Seamless integration with Microsoft Azure enhances interoperability and unlocks a myriad of possibilities.
    • Achieve optimal data protection with continuous encryption and automated patching and upgrades. This reduces security vulnerabilities without causing any downtime. Additionally, comprehensive logs of all events are readily available for advanced auditing purposes.
    • Unlock unparalleled performance with Oracle’s commitment to delivering 80% lower latency and over 5 times the throughput, ensuring 95% availability.
    • Mitigating the impact of human error.

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