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Cloud Managed Services

All aspects of RheoData’s Cloud Managed Services are positioned to ensure that your organization’s investment in the cloud is one that will maximize ROI.

Transitioning to the cloud involves three key areas: strategy, migration, and managing. RheoData’s Health Checks are the first step in evaluating cloud readiness for all big and small private enterprises and government offices. Our Cloud Migration Services enable the migration of existing data and architecture to the cloud in a planned and phased approach. Finally, our cloud services are rounded out with our Cloud Managed Services.

What are Cloud Managed Services?

Cloud Managed Services are the outsourcing of the management of your cloud resources or components to an external team of experts, seasoned and certified, who undertake the responsibility of:

  • Monitoring of cloud assets
  • Proactively remediating problems
  • Assuring security of cloud resources
  • Performance and cost management
  • Regulatory compliance adherence
  • Automation recommendations

Depending on the type of project, some of the other aspects of Cloud Managed Services are the implementation, workforce training, and change management. All aspects of RheoData’s Cloud Managed Services are positioned to ensure that your organization’s investment in cloud is one that will maximize ROI while lowering TCO.

RheoData Cloud Managed Services

RheoData Cloud Managed Services are focused on three key areas:

  • Governance
  • Change management
  • Automation

These key areas deliver security, performance, availability, and controlled costs throughout the cloud operating cycle. We help organizations save 25% or more on operating costs for an in-house cloud management team, setting them free to focus on innovative aspects of the business impacting growth. Our cloud managed services leverage industry best practices to help you run your IT investments in the cloud.

Typical Cloud Managed Services Deliverables

RheoData Cloud Managed Services include reporting of operations on a scheduled basis (weekly, monthly, and on-demand). These reports are prepared to provide attention to the cloud operations for the CIOs, CTOs, and other leadership teams. Enabling through the understanding of the returns of your cloud strategy.

  • Executive weekly report
  • Performance weekly report
  • Cost management report
  • Change management daily report
  • Automation on-demand
  • Governance monthly
  • Security monthly report
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