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Oracle Digital Assistants


    Oracle Digital Assistants

    Oracle’s vision of embedding Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning seamlessly into the everyday activities in an enterprise, has taken a huge leap forward with the advent of Oracle Digital Assistants (Oracle Chatbots / Intelligent bots).

    Providing customer satisfaction amidst an environment of massive scalability is the ideal scenario for any company to look forward to. Yet, failure to respond to customer queries can cause irreversible damage to a company’s image. With messaging apps becoming the most popular mode for customers to contact and purchase from an organization, Oracle’s Digital Assistants is the ideal data-driven and predictive intelligent conversationalist that can answer all customer queries instantly. Powered by AI and Machine Learning, Oracle Digital Assistants provide users with engaging and personalized user experiences that make natural conversations between an organization and customers possible at all times. Oracle’s Digital Assistants can be deployed on websites, messaging apps, voice assistance and other digital platforms and skills.

    At RheoData, we easily streamline all your back-end processes to Oracle’s Digital Assistants platform to change the way your business connects with customers.

    Solutions from Oracle by RheoData

    Oracle Digital Assistant delivers a complete Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform to create conversational experiences for business applications through text, chat, and voice interfaces.

    Oracle Digital Assistants

    Semantic search capabilities using Artificial Intelligence (AI) Vectors in Oracle Database 23ai, including vector data type, vector indexes, and vector search SQL operators that enable enterprise databases to store semantic content of documents, images, and other unstructured data as vectors.  Enabling support for Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG), allowing organizations to use public large language models (LLMs) with private enterprise data.

    Oracle Database 23ai

    Predicts Chatbots Will Become a Primary Customer Service Channel Within Five Years

    July, 2022

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