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Cloud Automation and Security

RheoData leverage our resources and diverse skills sets to increase the cloud automation and security of your IT investments.

Cloud Automation and Security

As organizations evaluate, prepare, and migrate from on-premises to cloud or seek out hybrid solutions – automation is a driving force behind many of these initiatives.  Rheodata experts help and prepare organizations to expedite their adoption and usage of automation tools to enhance their IT technology stack.  Ensuring that the proper tools are used for establishing infrastructure, configuring resources, securing critical systems, and enabling timely management of environments.

Modernize, Automate, and Secure

Modernization is the key to moving any IT technology stack forward and increases the reliability, performance, and scalability of your IT technology investments. RheoData leverage our resources and diverse skills sets to increase the automation, reliablity, and security of your IT investments, enabling your teams to focus on high value projects.

Key Benefits

  • Predictable cost model for services delivery around key digital assets
  • Reduction of risk associated with new technology adoption or staffing downsizing
  • Freedom from the burden of constantly evolving and cultivating new skill sets
  • Access skills from a global pool of experts to reduce overall costs associated with individual technologies and applications
  • Outcome based SLA with a fixed pricing structure
  • Flexible terms with ability to scale as your needs dictate

Key Features

  • Full Suite of Automation Services: Technical Administration, Functional Support, Customization Support, and Testing
  • On-Premise and Hybrid Cloud experience with all major cloud providers (OCI, GCP, Azure, AWS)
  • Experience backed by partner certifications
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