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Oracle GoldenGate

RheoData’s Oracle GoldenGate Service is the perfect solution for those looking to streamline their data replication and data integration. Our services provide a secure, reliable, and expert driven approach to data replication, allowing you to quickly and easily replicate data between different databases and applications. With Oracle GoldenGate Services, you can unlock the power of data replication and data integration.

RheoData’s Oracle GoldenGate Service provide organizations with four key offerings to maximize Oracle GoldenGate within your organization:

  • Oracle GoldenGate Assessment
  • Oracle GoldenGate Support & Consulting
  • Oracle GoldenGate Managed Services
  • Oracle GoldenGate Training

We know Oracle GoldenGate!  We are an experienced team of recognized industry experts and innovators, and we are here to take up any challenge related to Oracle GoldenGate – day-to-day support to consulting for the most complex multi-master projects.

Oracle GoldenGate Assessment

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Why assess Oracle GoldenGate?

Oracle GoldenGate is the critical data integration tool that many organizations rely on for real-time decisions and analytics.  Yet, many organizations are either behind on upgrades, patches, or running misconfigured environments – leaving vulnerabilities or missing data within platforms.  Our Oracle GoldenGate Assessments reports will help you to:

Examine Your Architecture

Gain insights into the present state of your Oracle GoldenGate implementation and identify areas for enhancement. Assess and optimize to unlock its full potential.

Evaluate Your Choices

Evaluate your options for addressing any issues identified with your Oracle GoldenGate architecture and gain insights into the subsequent actions required to enhance data integration.

Realize Operational Improvements

By implementing recommended changes, you can achieve operational improvements in data integration and enhance daily business processes.

Oracle GoldenGate Support & Consulting

With over twenty-five years of experience in the data integration field, RheoData experts are renowned authorities on Oracle GoldenGate. Their expertise allows them to provide comprehensive support and consultation for all use-cases involving Oracle GoldenGate configuration. Partner with RheoData for unparalleled guidance and assistance in maximizing the potential of Oracle GoldenGate.

Common use-cases that leverage Oracle GoldenGate:

  • Near-Zero Downtime Database Upgrades or Migrations: Leveraging decades of experience and expertise, RheoData consultants excel in guiding you towards seamless database upgrades and migrations. Our approach minimizes operational outages, ensuring swift progress without compromising efficiency.
  • Zero-Data Loss Oracle GoldenGate Modernization Migrating from Oracle GoldenGate Classic to Oracle GoldenGate Microservices or OCI GoldenGate can seem overwhelming. However, our approach mitigates operational outages and guarantees minimal data loss upon completing the upgrade. Rest assured, we prioritize a seamless transition while maintaining the integrity of your data.
  • High-Volume/Hyper-Data Transactional Delivery: As data continues to expand, the demand for operational SLAs also increases. It becomes crucial to ensure uninterrupted data flow while minimizing latency between operational sites. At RheoData, our experts are skilled in optimizing your Oracle GoldenGate environment and proactively tackling the challenges posed by organizational growth. Rest assured, we’ll keep your data flowing smoothly and your business thriving.
  • Big Data/Cloud Integration: Are you seeking to transfer massive amounts of data to real-time Big Data platforms like Kafka, Snowflake, or BigQuery? At RheoData, our experts specialize in seamlessly moving organizational data to these essential business platforms. Let us be your trusted guide throughout the process, helping you unlock the maximum value from your data.

Oracle GoldenGate Managed Services

Our team of expert DBAs, with an emphases on Oracle GoldenGate, comprehends the significance of preventive measures for your Oracle GoldenGate environment. We strive to ensure the utmost protection for your data pipelines, safeguarding it against potential issues and optimizing them for performance. In the event of critical needs, our team stands prepared to deliver prompt and efficient solutions, available round the clock.

What is Oracle GoldenGate Managed Services?

Oracle GoldenGate Managed Services is the outsourcing of the management of Oracle GoldenGate to an external team of seasoned and certified experts who undertake the responsibility of:

  • Proactive Monitoring of Oracle GoldenGate
  • Proactive problem remediation
  • Performance management
  • Assurance of data consistency

Based on the type of project, Oracle GoldenGate Managed Services offers the potential for automation to enhance various aspects. This includes streamlining implementation, establishing additional data pipelines, providing workforce training, and facilitating change management.

Additional Oracle GoldenGate Use Cases

  • Oracle GoldenGate Upgrades
  • Data Integration, Consolidation, and Data Warehousing
  • Query offloading for Reporting processes
  • Bi-Directional/Multi-Master replication for high-volume transaction architectures
  • Disaster Recovery Testing
  • Real-Time Data Replication
  • Big Data integration using Oracle GoldenGate to AWS S3
  • Big Data integration using Oracle GoldenGate to Kafka
  • Big Data integration using Oracle GoldenGate to Snowflake
  • Big Data integration using Oracle GoldenGate to Google Cloud Storage
  • Oracle to Oracle Replication
  • Oracle to MySQL Replication
  • Oracle to Postgres Replication
  • Microsoft SQL Server to Oracle Replication
  • Microsoft SQL Server to MySQL Replication
  • PostgreSQL to Oracle Replication
  • PostgreSQL to PostgreSQL Replication
  • Cloud integration with Amazon AWS
  • Cloud integration with Google Cloud (GCP)
  • Cloud integration with Azure
  • Cloud integration with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)
  • Oracle GoldenGate Service (OCI based Oracle GoldenGate)
  • Replication integration with REST API framework

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