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Large Healthcare Service Organization replaces Oracle Streams with Oracle GoldenGate leveraging Automatic Conflict Detection, and Resolution (AutoCDR)

A large healthcare provider needed to rapidly move off Oracle Streams and quickly leverage Oracle GoldenGate to improve daily operations while ensuring the same business logic. RheoData delivered the solution.


A large healthcare service organization with hundreds of millions of customers worldwide was facing a substantial outage due to potential loss of service from the de-supporting of Oracle Streams as they were migrating to Oracle Database 19c. Traditionally, up to this point, their database migrations were straightforward due to all logic being encapsulated in Oracle Streams. With the requirement of moving to Oracle GoldenGate, the client required additional experts to ensure the successful completion of project timelines.

RheoData worked with the client to architect, map, and implement the same logic built in Oracle Streams into Oracle GoldenGate. It is enabling the client to successfully implement a bi-directional Oracle GoldenGate implementation that meets organizational processing requirements and improves internal service level agreements.

What We Did

Reviewed all Oracle Streams configurations and mapped out critical areas that needed client attention.

Mapped and built Oracle GoldenGate Automatic Conflict Detection, and Resolution (AutoCDR) Column Groupings that allowed the client to implement the same processing logic they implemented in Oracle Streams.

Technologies Used

  • Oracle Database 12c & 19c
  • Oracle GoldenGate 19c for Oracle