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Data Replication, Integration, Performance and Advanced Solutions for Business Critical Environments

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RheoData leverages and uses innovative technologies to deliver customer-driven IT solutions and business value for next generation organizations.
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Expert Services For Migrating To The Cloud Speed Migrations.Lower Cost.Minimize Risk.

A single source replication/migration provider for all your data movement needs

As data grows so do the demands on IT infrastructure and cloud resources.  Often times the cost benefit of implementing a replication/migration initiative can be time consuming and sometimes frustrating for organizations. RheoData are the experts on data movement and can lower your replication/migration overheard by bring best practices for data movement to any project.  Contact us to learn more.

Oracle GoldenGate is the industry revolutionary replication tool with many benefits from migrations to moving data in real-time for an organization.  RheoData provides experts to help your organization navigate, build, upgrade, and migrate your Oracle GoldenGate environment on-premise, in the cloud, or within hybrid environments; with the benefit of lowering end-to-end ROI and cost of ownership.

HVR is a best-of-breed replication tool to move data between many different platforms, on-premises and/or cloud, in real-time with minimal effort.   RheoData provides experts to help your organization leverage this replication tool to move your data where you need it, when you need it, while lowering end-to-end total cost of ownership.

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When we contacted RheoData, we were just hoping to get an opinion on the issue we were facing, RheoData went above and beyond our expectations dedicating their personal time to help us troubleshoot the problem

Cox Automotive, Atlanta, GA

Dynamic-based services for your entire IT footprint

As IT infrastructures grow, the amount of data that is generated, stored, moved, and maintained continues to increase. RheoData delivers an array of dynamic-based solutions to help you lower costs, optimize performance and free your existing IT staff to focus on more key business objectives and innovations. Our dynamic-based service model spans the Oracle, Microsoft and cloud platform stacks to include hardware, database, and replication areas. Plus, RheoData dynamic-based services can provided predictable monthly and quarterly service plans, which deliver dependable ROI. Contact us today to learn more.

Expert Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c

Expert Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c covers all topic areas which help you to use this Oracle Enterprise product in your everyday working environment. (Apress 2013)

Practical Oracle Database Appliance

Practical Oracle Database Appliance covers the basics on how you can implement this great engineered system into your enterprise.
(Apress 2014)

Oracle Data Integration – Tools for Harnessing Data

Oracle Data Integration – Tools for Harnessing Data covers the basics and how you can transform data into any environment.
(OraclePress 2016)

Pro Oracle GoldenGate for the DBA

Pro Oracle GoldenGate for the DBA  covers the basics of Oracle GoldenGate and provides some insight into the different components of this simple yet complex replication tool.  This is a book for everyone, novice to expert.
(Apress 2016)