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Large Manufacturer: Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) GoldenGate Service (GGS): Hyper Data Ingestion


A large manufacturing company is migrating its functional Enterprise Business Suite (E-Business) data to Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse (ADW), running in a self-managed tenancy on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). Part of this migration is the primary load of a large amount of data and the continuous feed of real-time data between two OCI tenancies. The source tenancy is hosted and managed by a third party, while the target tenancy is managed by the large manufacturer providing a complex environment for capturing and ingesting data to a high-volume analytics platform.

Due to the complexities between these two OCI tenancies, a solution was needed that would allow the large manufacturer to migrate a baseline of 2.9+TB of data in the smallest amount of time. After migrating the data, ordinary change data capture must be enabled to allow for real-time data ingestion between the tenancies.

This case study shows how RheoData helped this large manufacturer shrink the time required to move 2.9+TB of data from two weeks to under ten hours. Enabling this large manufacturer to provide data to users within a day or overnight while meeting operational expectations.

This whitepaper will highlight:

  • Proposed OCI architectures
  • High-level replication strategy
  • • Established throughput

Oracle GoldenGate Service (GGS)

The project called for data that is stored in an Enterprise Business Suite (E-Business Suite) running on an Exadata Cloud Service (ExaCS) in a managed Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) tenancy to be retrieved and migrated to another tenancy within the same region. With tenancies being specific to the organizations that own them, the two organizations needed to coordinate on how to make the connection through their respective Virtual Cloud Networks (VCN). After establishing VCN connections between the tenancies, Oracle GoldenGate Service (GGS) can establish connections to the source and target data stores.

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Table of Contents


Oracle GoldenGate Service (GGS)

  • Tenancy #1 (Source)
  • Tenancy #2 (Target)
  • Architecture
  • Sizing
  • Conceptual Architecture
  • RESTful APIs
  • Time Savings