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RheoData ActivePass

Experience the power of RheoData ActivePass – a seamless, active/passive solution that guarantees continuous change data capture in any environment. Its simplicity and effectiveness make data management effortless and efficient.


    RheoData ActivePass — a groundbreaking solution designed to revolutionize your Oracle GoldenGate experience. Using RheoData ActivePass, you can eliminate the need for complex installs of additional software and enjoy a seamless active/passive solution that simplifies the management of your replication environment.

    RheoData understands the challenges of managing Oracle GoldenGate in dynamic environments. That’s why RheoData ActivePass is engineered for quick, reliable, and effortless failover in the event of a disaster. Key features and benefits include:

    • Active/Passive Solution: RheoData ActivePass offers a flexible and robust approach to managing Oracle GoldenGate, making it the ideal choice for straightforward active/passive architectures.
    • Streamlined Process: Say goodbye to the complexity of MAA installations. RheoData ActivePass ensures a simplified and efficient process for your convenience.
    • Cost-Effective: At just $750 per server, RheoData ActivePass provides a cost-effective solution that guarantees a straightforward active/passive setup, delivering excellent value for your investment.

    In age of AI, managing Oracle GoldenGate should be effortless. RheoData ActivePass is meticulously designed to streamline your Oracle GoldenGate management, allowing you to focus on seamless replication. Our dedicated team of professionals ensures you receive the best service and support.

    Discover how RheoData ActivePass can transform your Oracle GoldenGate experience. Visit our website for more information or contact our team of experts for personalized assistance. Elevate your data management process—get your RheoData ActivePass license today!

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