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Oracle GoldenGate

At RheoData, we specialize in assisting customers with upgrading their Oracle GoldenGate environments. Our expertise lies in transitioning from the Oracle GoldenGate Classic architecture to Oracle GoldenGate Microservices. Throughout this process, we prioritize operational efficiency to ensure optimal performance.


    Oracle GoldenGate Upgrades

    For over 25 years, Oracle GoldenGate has been the go-to solution for Change Data Capture (CDC) in both on-premises and cloud environments. In 2017, Oracle introduced “microservices” to Oracle GoldenGate, ushering in new possibilities for on-premises and cloud implementations. This architectural shift has made replication environments based on Oracle GoldenGate more dynamic.

    Moving from Oracle GoldenGate (Classic) to Oracle GoldenGate (Microservices) is not your typical upgrade. In many cases, planning and executing the upgrade without losing operational data can take several months, if not a year. At RheoData, our team of industry thought leaders specializes in helping customers architect and migrate from legacy Oracle GoldenGate (Classic) to Oracle GoldenGate (Microservices) seamlessly, ensuring data integrity throughout the process.

    Oracle GoldenGate Upgrade Services

    RheoData offers essential services for a seamless upgrade and deployment of Oracle GoldenGate from Classic to Microservices. Our comprehensive solutions include:

    • Architecture review, meticulous planning, and precise blue printing.
    • Certification of environments for Oracle, Non-Oracle, and Big Data.
    • Automated installation of Oracle GoldenGate (Microservices).
    • Implementation of GoldenGate processes using efficient scripting.
    • Rigorous validation of transactional data after the upgrade.

    With RheoData, you can confidently upgrade and deploy Oracle GoldenGate, ensuring a smooth transition and optimal performance.

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