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Large Food Industry Supplier revitalizes core data project with Oracle GoldenGate for BigData

A large food industry supplier began to implement Oracle GoldenGate for Big Data (Microservice) and had a compressed timeline to complete the installation and configuration. Through interaction with the client, RheoData helped bring a solution that not only ensured proper architecture, but aligned the desired outcome to the organization’s goals. At the end of the project, the client’s team gained knowledge of how to interconnect Oracle GoldenGate (Classic) to Oracle GoldenGate (Microservices) and deliver operational data to the organization.


A large food industry supplier looking to bring operational data into AWS MKS, enabling a publication and subscription architecture, while evaluating Oracle GoldenGate for Big Data. Initially, they were using Oracle GoldenGate (Classic) to ingest data into AWS MKS. As the project moved forward, the client contacted RheoData asking for guidance on architecture and processes. Per the guidance, client transitioned to Oracle GoldenGate (Microservices) for Big Data and quickly moved data into AWS MKS. With the transition to Oracle GoldenGate (Microservices) for Big Data, the client gained the core replication functionality, along with additional flexibility around management and roadmap support for Oracle GoldenGate.

What We Did

RheoData helped the client to install, configure and monitor Oracle GoldenGate 19c (Microservices) for Big Data on an AWS EC2 Instance. Enabling the client to successfully map data from their Oracle Database 12c environment running on HP-UX (Guardian) to an AWS MKS environment. Providing the client with the confidence that enables them to bring operational data to more internal resources.

Technologies Used

  • Oracle Database 12c
  • AWS MSK (Kafka)
  • AWS EC2
  • Oracle GoldenGate 19c for Big Data