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MySQL 8.0 – Top 4 Features

57 to 80 upgrade features

If you are running MySQL 5.7 or earlier and not sure if you should upgrade to MySQL 8.0, we think the following four features are items you don’t want to miss out on.

Features in MySQL 8.0 that are key:

1. Transactional Data Dictionary: MySQL 8.0 is finally given a proper data dictionary!  Within the InnoDB, the data dictionary is comprised of internal system tables that keep track of objects (i.e. tables, views, indexes, table columns).  Object metadata is directly stored in the InnoDB tablespace.  Additionally, for historical reasons the data dictionary tables overlap with information stored in the InnoDB table metadata files (.frm)

2. Roles: The usage of roles in other RDBMS platforms is common. Starting in MySQL 8.0 this is now the preferred method of assigning privileges.  Using Roles, privileges can granted like individual privileges, can contain nested roles, and multiple roles can be assigned to a user.  Providing a more convenient method of adding, removing, and managing privileges.

3. Common Table Expressions: Also known as WITH queries.  Using a WITH query, data can be retrieved as table sets and then expressed as a single table.  Enabling greater flexiblity within MySQL query framework.

4. Read-Only Schemas: As they mention, Read-Only Schemas within MySQL allow for simplier database migrations and read-only reporting.  To enable a schema for read-only, the option only works with the ALTER SCHEMA command.

5. MySQL Shell Changes [Bonus]: Changes to the MySQL Shell has enabled three new utilities that enable a more streamlined approach of unloading and loading data.  Through the JavaScript shell, an instance (util.dumpInstance()) or schema (util.dumpSchemas) can be dumped in parallel threads.  Additionally, a data set can be loaded into a MySQL instance with the util.loadDump() utility.  Using the new utilities with multi-threaded dump and splitting larger tables, speeds up to 3GB/s for dump and 200MB/s for load have been seen.  Lastly, there are compatibility modes for OCI MySQL Heatwave that enables database to cloud migration easiers.

With these new an exciting features added to MySQL 8.0, you should consider upgrading today!

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