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Oracle Database Support through 2027 .. Where do you need to be and who can help!?

oracle database lifecycle support

About every two to three years, Oracle releases an innovation release of the Oracle Database.  The innovation release are geared to give customers new  features and enhancements that will be introduced into the next long term release.  At the same time, these releases allow Oracle to set a road map of features that will drive the industry forward.  

The last major long term release was Oracle 11g (, which has enabled businesses to run enterprise ready workloads for nearly fourteen years.  Over this time, Oracle has released three innovation releases and one long term release(12.1, 12.2, 18.1, and 19.1) – with the long term release being Oracle 19.1.  

The long term release of Oracle 19c (19.1), there are a few dates that need to be kept in mind:

  • Premier Support (PS) on April 30, 2024 + one year free support between May 1, 2024 through April 30, 2025
  • Error Correction Support (ECS) will be availiable through April 30, 2027 with paid support

The image below shows what these release and support timelines look like currently:

database support schedule 2023


As previously mentioned, prior to 19c, the last long term release of Oracle 11g (  This version of the Oracle database has served many organizations for over a decade leading Oracle to change their support strategy in 2021.  This changed allowed organizations to continue running until they could define plans to migrate to the next long term release (Oracle Database 19c).  This “market driven support” extended the 11g ( database until this year (2023). 

With the arrival of 2023, many organizations are finding themselves having to pivot quickly to upgrade to Oracle Database 19c (19.1.x).  Many are doing this for two reasons:

  1. Financial Relief – lower support costs
  2. Migrate to a supported platform before evaluating where to go next

Although these are two primary reasons for organizations to move, there is a third option that many tend to ignore.  This would be the cloud strategy!  With either of these options, it takes time to migrate between database versions and the migrations are not for the faint of heart… after all your business is running on these critical platforms.

Where can we help?

RheoData is the experts in helping organizations move mission critical database workloads between versions of the Oracle Database.  Wether your organization is considering moving on-premises to on-premises or looking to do a lift-n-shift to the cloud, maintaining operational readiness is the key to a successfully migration! RheoData experts can help you evaluate, plan, and implement a data integration/migration strategy to successfully build for the future!

Get in touch today to build your migration strategy!  —>