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Hyper Data Ingestion with Oracle GoldenGate Service (GGS)


Data ingestion is always the beginning stages of getting data into a data warehouse and/or cloud.  Recently, we had the opportunity to design, build, and implement a data ingestion solution using Oracle GoldenGate Service (GGS) within Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI).  Within the a cloud-to-cloud environment, we were able to ingest 2.9TB of data between 10 to 14 hours compared to a two week proof-of-concept, that was performed by another vendor.  This is a huge savings of time and provided our customer, with a Return On Time (ROT) between 95% to 97% – allowing them more time for their DBAs to focus on tasks.

In this white paper, you can get a sense of the high-level items that it took to achieve this type of return.

Although this was done within a single cloud and between two tenancies, these approaches can be used on-premises, on-premises-to-cloud, and cloud-to-cloud.

Where we can help?

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