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EMd360 – Oracle Enterprise Manager Health Checks




Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM) is widely considered the standard for monitoring an Oracle environment; including cloud platforms.  Often times this monitoring platform starts off under someone’s desk than quickly balloons to more and more usage leaving the user with an environment that is potentially undersized with high expectations.  This is where RheoData’s unique health check tool, EMd360, comes in.  

By using RheoData’s EMd360 Health Check tool, organizations can diagnose issues with a current environment, perform architectural reviews of environment, and future proof OEM for scale and growth.  Identifying concerns and opportunities related to upgrading or re-platforming of their monitoring platform ahead of time.  Enabling a successfully implementation or upgrade!

Multi-Dimensional Analysis

Oracle Enterprise Manager, as it grows, begins to retain a lot of critical information on the enviornment which it monitors.  Through the unique multi-dimensional analysis, RheoData is able to provide insight on:

  • Customer Focus Areas 
  • Resource Management
  • Quarterly Capacity Review
  • Top Target Utilizations
  • General System Architecture
  • OMS & OMR Configuration
  • OMS & OMR Security
  • Application Performance




Overall Health Check Process

Through RheoData’s Health Check process, customers can expect a detailed report that consists of data that is collected, analyzed, and reported in a timely manner.  The data that is collected consists of the output for EMd360 along with relevant diagnostic information and logs.  This provides a complete picture of the Oracle Enterprise Manger (OEM) environment. Then RheoData’s experts will analyze and prepare a report that will be presented to stakeholders.





By performing health checks on a periodical basis, organizations can ensure that their Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM) environment is performing as expected.  Ensuring monitoring is consistent and reliable as the Oracle environment grows.  

Monitoring outages cost more than you expect.  Contact RheoData today to give your OEM environment a much needed health check!

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