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Modern Data Platform with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)

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Does data drive your organization? Have you started your transition to a Modern Data Platform? Does your organization understand what it means or takes to transition to a Modern Data Platform? Yes, these are questions that organizations think they know the answer to until they start the transition and bills from cloud providers come in. All concerns that RheoData can help organizations solve from Day 1 and help maintain on Day 2 through our service offerings. At the same time, a solid understanding of what a data drive platform consists of is key. Without expertise in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) and data integration, we find it essential for organizations to understand and define their goals related to Modern Data Platforms.

For the better part of a decade, the cloud has brought about many changes that organizations have to evaluate, review, and use data daily. One of these changes is acknowledging that the modern data architecture’s idea of one-size-fits-all eventually leads to compromises. It is not simply about integrating a data lake with a data warehouse, but rather a data lake, data warehouse, and purpose-built data stores, enabling a unified governance approach and simplified data movement. In approaching the modern data architecture on OCI, Oracle – the leader in databases with Oracle Database and MySQL (open-source), customers can rapidly build scalable data lakes, use a broad and deep collection of purpose-built data services, ensure compliance via a unified data access, security, and governance, scale their systems at a low cost without compromising performance, and easily share data across organizational boundaries, allowing them to make decisions with speed and agility at scale.

Why you need a modern data platform

Data volumes are increasing alarmingly and are projected to reach or surpass 180 zettabytes by 2025 (less than two years away). Traditional on-premises data ingestion and analytics approaches can’t handle these data volumes because they don’t scale well enough and are too expensive to build and maintain. Many organizations are taking all their data from various silos and aggregating all that data in one location, what many call a data lake, to do analytics and ML directly on top of that data. The same organizations are storing or offloading other data into purpose-built data stores to analyze and generate insights from structured and unstructured data, leaving organizations with data distributed across the enterprise and possibly unavailable to the broader organization. Through a Modern Data Platform, data ingestion and data analytics are governed, secure, and performance-driven to provide meaningful business insight, real-time visibility, and accurate forecasting or predictions.

Why choose Oracle’s Modern Data Platform

Oracle offers the most complete, open, and intelligent modern data platform. These three pillars of Oracle’s modern data platform make a compelling argument for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) and why organizations should leverage their existing investments in Oracle technologies or take another look at the only cloud built for enterprises:

  • Complete: Oracle’s Modern Data Platform is designed with you in mind, offering, and providing a unique suite of services for the whole data stack
  • Open: Empowers organizations with flexible workload deployment, seamless integration, and open solutions.  Meeting you where you are.
  • Intelligent: Benefits from the latest artificial intelligence innovations to surface insights directly inside the apps that support your critical business functions.  Enriching data through embedded intelligence.

Image 1: Oracle’s Modern Data Platform


Related Data Platform Products

Oracle’s background in databases and data management over the last forty years has provided Oracle with industry-tested products that have transitioned to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) and the Modern Data Platform. These products enable organizations to build out their modern data platforms quickly and with a known knowledge base.

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Get started with Oracle Modern Data Platform

Oracle provides many options to get started on your Modern Data Platform journey. Use the links below to check out how Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) can be used to modernize your data platform!

  • Free OCI Services (here)
  • Learn with Step-by-Step guidance (here)
  • Explore over 150 reference architectures (here)
  • Estimate your costs (here)
  • Contact RheoData to get started (here) today!

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