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Identifying Predefined Administrative Accounts in Autonomous Database or any other Oracle database

identify oracle predefined accounts

A quick post as a reminder for myself some time down the road.  After all, we all need reminders every once in a while!

Prior to Oracle Database 12c finding a list of default users within the database was always a pain.  In Oracle Database 12c or later, this has become much simpler.  Oracle introduced a column on the *_users views that allows the end users to identify what users are maintained by Oracle.  This column name is ORACLE_MAINTAINED.  The value of the column is either “N” or “Y”.  If it is “Y”, then user account is maintained by Oracle.

A simple query of the ALL_USERS view will return about 57 different accounts that are maintained by Oracle in Oracle Database 19c (Autonomous Data Warehouse).

select * from all_users
where oracle_maintained = 'Y'
order by username;

predefined accounts

For more information, the Oracle Database 19c docs can be referenced here.

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