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Adding Hostname to MySQL Heatwave/MySQL Database Service

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When building MySQL Heatwave Systems (use to be called MySQL Database Service or MDS), the need to add a Hostname to the system is critical. The system having a hostname will allow for other applications like Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC) to connect to MySQL Heatwave.  In order to assigned a hostname to MySQL Heatwave, this has to be done during the creation of the MySQL Heatwave cluster.

To define the Hostname, we need to work through the Create DB System page and provide all the details that are needed.  Then at the very bottom of the page, we see a link called “Show advanced options”.

oci mysql advanced options

Clicking on this link will open the advanced options, where we see a series of tabs.  The tab that is important in this case, is the Connections tab.

oci mysql advanced options 01

Once on the Connections tab, we can define the hostname for the instance.  If we wanted to change the port numbers we can do that as well.  At the moment, the default ports are fine.

oci mysql advanced options 02

With the hostname set, when the MySQL Heatwave instance is created, it will be accessible via the hostname.

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