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Rob Lockard

Rob Lockard is a professional Oracle DBA, Designer, Developer, Project Manager. For the past twenty years he has worked as an independent consultant providing quality services for customers at a reasonable price. Rob has worked in Financial Intelligence tracking money laundering, terrorist money and identity theft. He has also worked in the Cyber Crimes arena tracking attacks on information systems.  Rob specializes in evaluating and securing client’s Oracle database environment from threats both external and internal.

In 1987 Rob’s boss called him into his office and told him that he was now their Oracle Wizard then handed Rob a stack of Oracle tapes and told him to load it on the VAX. Since then, Rob has worked exclusively as an Oracle database designer, developer and Database Administrator and project manager.

Rob enjoys flying vintage aircraft, racing sailboats, photography, and technical diving. He owns and flies the “Spirit of Baltimore Hon” a restored 1948 Ryan Navion and lives in Glen Burnie Maryland on Marley Creek.