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Core Infrastructure

Infrastructure today consists of many different components and architectures. Let RheoData help modernize your infrastructure.

Maximize Your Infrastructure Investments

Are you stuck needing to modernize your infrastructure and wondering if your data is secure? In truth, if your core infrastructure isn’t working for you, it isn’t working. As your partner in data management, RheoData can bring proven Infrastructure modernization solutions across your entire organization.

When your core infrastructure is capable, secure, and tuned for optimum performance, you win! With our industry-leading engineers, RheoData brings sound strategies and cutting-edge techniques to data infrastructure management and migrations. We help ensure your teams are able to maximize performance and create cost-efficiency while providing top-level security as part of your data optimization.

Accurate sizing and estimation and capacity planning
Expert strategies will define your transformation process
Never stall with database licensing problems again
Step-by-step patching processes – maximum fluidity
Smooth and seamless target migration you can trust
Performance Optimization
Our expertise is leveraged at full capacity for you

Oracle Goldengate and all adjacent database replication

With our agile-based contracts, you are in control of the time and elasticity of your contract. Through flexible service packs and dynamic service agreements, our experts provide a no-stress experience for integrating proven data management and architecture into your database ecosystem. You won’t find a better resource to modernize, migrate, and maximize your database systems than RheoData.

We take a systematic approach to driving the digital heart of your business forward by utilizing our expertise in building and implementing custom-fit strategies designed for progress. Whether your database management involves cloud-based architectures, on-site structures, or a hybrid of each, RheoData excels as a trusted partner for turnkey database services.

Core Infrastructure Consulting Services

Bring Deep Data Experience to the table: With decades of experience and expertise, RheoData consultants can guide you towards a faster time to value

Consolidate to get more: Consolidate your data assets while establishing and leveraging common methods, practices and processes across the organization.

Flexible Expertise to fit your needs: Whether you need on-site or off-site DBA support, RheoData offers vast experience over a myriad of DBA technologies.

Infrastructure Management Services

Leverage industry experts: RheoData experts perform incident management, regular monitoring, patching, and performance tuning using field-tested methodologies, frameworks, and automation.

Multi-platform support: We support all major product stacks including Oracle GoldenGate, Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Kafka, and associated DBaaS options.

Control Costs: RheoData teams make an immediate impact by delivering maximum value with minimal allocated costs to meet your needs. We work to earn your trust with flexible options to fit your business model and level of demand.

Infrastructure Migration Services

Migrations made easy: Migrations come in multiple sizes and complexity. RheoData can handle any type of migration including moving from one database to a different database, from on-premises to cloud, or from one data center to another.

Multi-platform migration support: We support all major databases, including Oracle GoldenGate, Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Kafka, and associated DBaaS options. Migrations to, from, or between heterogeneous environments are handled with care and experience.

Control Migration Costs: RheoData’s expertise in migrations make an immediate impact, delivering maximum value with minimum resources. We work to earn your trust with flexible options to fit your needs.

Core Infrastructure Modernization

Define Your Transformation: RheoData’s experience and expertise combine to help discover your best path towards transformation, and ultimately to the Infrastructure Modernization your company needs. Whether you need to leverage artificial intelligence, or you have other DBA needs, we have your solutions.

Retool and Upgrade: The longer you take to modernize your infrastructures, the more vulnerable you are to cyber threats, lost data, poor efficiency, and struggling economic performance. We’re not talking about classic cars here, it’s your database management systems. You know it’s way past time to change. RheoData can help.

Prepare for Brighter Futures: The costs of refusing to modernize your core infrastructure will incrementally outweigh the costs of modernization until you take action. RheoData offers industry-best DBA services.