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Oracle GoldenGate Classic is Deprecated

Here at RheoData we have been keeping an eye on where Oracle is planning on taking Oracle GoldenGate and their plans for “Classic” vs. “Microservices” architectures.  With the release of Oracle GoldenGate Services (GGS) on OCI, Oracle has made the announcement through their documentation for Oracle GoldenGate that the “Classic” architecture is now DEPRECATED.  What does this mean for you? 

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When Oracle deprecates a product or feature it typically takes Oracle about 2 years to fully remove the product or feature from support.  They due this for maintenance and development purposes. 

With so many customers on “Oracle GoldenGate (Classic)”, Oracle will support Oracle GoldenGate 19c (Classic) until 2025 since Oracle GoldenGate 19c is considered a long-term release.  During this window of time, if customers will need to start evaluating and looking at “Oracle GoldenGate (Microservices)”.  If any customer purchases Oracle GoldenGate licenses they will need to start fresh on “Oracle GoldenGate (Microservices)”.

RheoData is unique in that we can offer your organization insights, build, and configuration services based on Oracle GoldenGate (Microservices) before many other firms can.  Our co-founder (Bobby Curtis) was at Oracle when Oracle GoldenGate (Microservices) was released and supported the product through the 19c release before leaving to start RheoData.  Contact us today and we can help you navigate how to implement and run Oracle GoldenGate (Microservices) or Oracle GoldenGate Service (GGS) to drive organizational success.  

Additional information on Oracle GoldenGate (Microservices) written by Bobby on his blog (

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There are many more articles that can be found on here on RheoData or DBASolved related to Oracle GoldenGate (Microservices).  Contact us today to learn more!


RheoData Team