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Oracle GoldenGate Services

Stop settling for vulnerability and insufficient database systems and infrastructure. Maximize your database investment, and prepare for your future with RheoData.

Oracle GoldenGate Services

Data is the key to organizational efficiency and growth. When organizations have access to real-time data, organizations win! With our industry leading experts in Oracle GoldenGate, RheoData brings sound strategies and architectures to Oracle GoldenGate implementations and management. We help ensure your organization is able to maximize your investment in Oracle GoldenGate!

We take a systematic approach to developing and driving your business forward by implementing Oracle GoldenGate in customer-fit solutions. Whether your Oracle GoldenGate management involves cloud-based, on-premises, or hybrid architectures, RheoData excels at a trusted partner for turnkey replication services.

Maximize Your Oracle GoldenGate Investment

Oracle GoldenGate is the world’s best Change Data Capture (CDC) replication software. Its support of heterogeneous environments allows your organization to move data in real-time with minimal effort. As your partner in Oracle GoldenGate management, RheoData brings proven industry best practices for GoldenGate strategic modernization to your entire organization.

With our agile-based contracts, you are in control of the time and elasticity of your contract. Through flexible service packs and dynamic service agreements, our Oracle GoldenGate experts provide a no-stress experience and integration into your replication ecosystem. You will not find a better resource for modernizing your replication-based systems than RheoData.

Oracle GoldenGate Consulting Services

Near-Zero Downtime Database Upgrades and Migrations: With decades of experience and expertise, RheoData consultants can guide you towards faster database upgrades/migrations while minimizing operational outages

High-Volume Transactional Delivery: As data grows, the demand on operational SLAs increase, and the need to keep data flowing is critical while keeping latency between operational sites minimal. RheoData experts are trained in keeping your Oracle GoldenGate environment optimized and ready to address organizational growth challenges

Big Data Integration: Looking to move a large volume of data to Kafka, Snowflake, BigQuery, or other Big Data platforms in real-time? RheoData experts specialize in moving organizational data for these key business platforms in real-time. Let us guide you along the process and maximize your data value

Oracle GoldenGate Remote Services

Industry Experts: RheoData experts are experienced professionals with over 25+ years of working with cutting-edge technologies. This means faster solutions, less trial, and error while bringing field-tested methods and automation to solutions

Platform Independent Support: RheoData supports and manages your replication environment between homogenous and heterogeneous environments – on-premises, cloud, or in hybrid architectures

Control Costs: RheoData teams make an immediate impact by delivering maximum value with minimal costs to achieve your goals. We work to build your trust through flexible options to fit your business needs and goals

  • Standard (25 hours per week)
  • Premium (40 hours per week + corresponding database support)
  • Enterprise (24 hours x 7 days + corresponding database support)

Oracle GoldenGate Modernization Services

Did you know that Oracle GoldenGate is transitioning to a Microservices architecture? RheoData is uniquely positioned to show you how to make the transition to the next generation of Oracle GoldenGate and help you along your modernization journey. Contact us today to begin!

Define your transformation: RheoData’s expertise and experience combine to help your organization discover your path towards transformation; ultimately meeting your organizational data movement needs.

Retool and Upgrade: The longer you take to modernize your Oracle GoldenGate infrastructure, the harder it is going to be to ensure real-time data feeds to critical resources. You know it is past time to change. RheoData experts are here to help.

Prepare for Brighter Futures: The cost of refusing to modernize your Oracle GoldenGate infrastructure will eventually outweigh the cost of migrating to newer frameworks. Allow RheoData to show you how to secure the future. RheoData experts bring industry-best services to your data movement strategies.

Additional GoldenGate consulting services, including:

  • Data Integration, Consolidation, and Data Warehousing
  • Query offloading for Reporting processes
  • Bi-Directional/Multi-Master replication for high-volume transaction architectures
  • Disaster Recovery Testing
  • Real-Time Data Replication
  • Big Data integration using Oracle GoldenGate to AWS S3
  • Big Data integration using Oracle GoldenGate to Kafka
  • Big Data integration using Oracle GoldenGate to Snowflake
  • Big Data integration using Oracle GoldenGate to Google Cloud Storage
  • Oracle to Oracle Replication
  • Oracle to MySQL Replication
  • Oracle to Postgres Replication
  • Microsoft SQL Server to Oracle Replication
  • Microsoft SQL Server to MySQL Replication
  • PostgreSQL to Oracle Replication
  • PostgreSQL to PostgreSQL Replication
  • Cloud integration with Amazon AWS
  • Cloud integration with Google Cloud (GCP)
  • Cloud integration with Azure
  • Cloud integration with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)
  • Oracle GoldenGate Service (OCI based Oracle GoldenGate)
  • Replication integration with REST API framework
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