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PostgreSQL Consulting

RheoData Experts can help you deliver better results from IT investments-increasing operational efficiencies, driving down costs, and securing vital data. Whether your business is looking for a remote DBA, high performance and availability, or improved operation efficiency, RheoData Experts can help!


    RheoData’s PostgreSQL Consulting is ready to help in the following areas:

    Architecture and Design

    • Scale-out strategy
    • High availability strategy
    • Backup and disaster recovery strategy
    • Schema review

    Performance Tuning

    • Review PostgreSQL configuration and provide recommendations
    • Review problem queries and provides recommendations
    • Review schema and provide recommendations
    • Review indexing and provide recommendations
    • Review high-level architecture and provide recommendations
    • Assist with implementing recommendations in your test environment
    • Identify other factors that may negatively impact PostgreSQL performance and provide recommendations.

    Remote PostgeSQL DBA

    • Review your business and technical requirements
    • Provide guidance on your architecture and design
    • Install Oracle software
    • Load or migrate data from your existing system
    • Make recommendations for your deployment and operations

    High Availability Jumpstart

    • Analyze your scale-out and high availability (“HA”) database requirements
    • Identify potential issues and limitations
    • Install, configure, and work with PostgreSQL HA technologies

    Migration Jumpstart

    • Analyze your current infrastructure
    • Identify potential migration issues
    • Identify source and target incompatibilities
    • Migrate sample data to PostgreSQL
    • Benchmark and load test against sample queries